Saturday, 28 October 2017

Factors that make slot games more popular than other casino games

Slot machine is a part and parcel of casino games but slots are more popular than other casino games.And the reasons for popularity of these games are clear. People of all ages like slots for the following reasons:

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Psychological benefits

Most casino games including poker and blackjack need prior experience and involve mathematical calculations. Also these games require strategies. In other words, they put psychological pressure on gamblers. When you play poker or blackjack or any other card or table game, you always think of the calculations. And it won’t be wrong to say that the pressure limits your abilities. 

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Slots build no psychological pressure as these games are free from any strategy or calculation. You know that you are playing with a machine and not with a casino or player. The biggest advantage of slot machines is that they can’t be manipulated.

Physical advantage

When you are playing slot, you don’t need a dealer or any other person that could be any help in the game. In other words, there is no distraction and you can focus on the game. You simply choose slot games online Malaysia to play with and start playing. But when you play poker or blackjack, you have a dealer to deal cards and also there are other players to distract your attention.

Emotional benefit

There is always hope in slot games. Every game starts with a hope that remains live until the game is over. While the other games rely on physical factors like value of cards and knowledge of gambler on the game, slots are totally free from these factors. You don’t fear losing the game as slots have many winning lines. You won’t lose the game. Also you will find that every time you start a game, it is a new game. Result of previous game has no impact on your present game.

Freshness of the game

Slots come in a wide range of options and every option is a new option. With hundreds and thousands of slots available, you can choose the most interesting machine and in this way keep your interest alive in the game. But poker, blackjack and other games are typed. They look similar and have similar process.

Ease of gambling

Whether you play online or offline, you won’t find any difference in the enjoyment of slot machines. Slot is the only casino game that remains interesting and beneficial in its traditional as well as online form. 

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Why online slots are more popular?

Slot is the most popular of all online casino games and there are many reasons behind popularity of this game. It is quick; it is high paying and also there are many variations in this game. With a multitude of games available, you can always start fresh. Slot Games Online Malaysia

Let’s discuss advantages of online slots


It is the one of the biggest reasons why gamblers turn to online machines for gambling. Playing from the comfort of your home is a luxury as there is no one to watch your moves or view your facial expressions. It is a quick game that is it starts and ends quickly. You have multiple reels before your eyes. The reels spin with click of mouse and soon come to an abrupt halt. You hurriedly look for winning lines and feel happy. 

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While other games could be manipulated, there is no such fear or apprehension with online slot. It is free from all manipulation hence you can play without any fear or apprehension. You will get an opportunity to win every time you spin the reels. Such transparency isn’t available with other games like poker. Even roulette can be manipulated by most experienced dealers.

More chances of winning

The scr slots game come with multiple winning lines that could be in dozens. While traditional machine has only three reels and only one winning line, the online version of the machine provides multiple winning lines. Also you need not spend a huge amount on online machines. You will get free money as bonus from your online casino. You can use the bonus for gambling and also win with free money.

Ease of gambling

With slots, you don’t have to worry about rules and technology. Here you don’t have to rely on cards or the spinning wheel. It is a simple machine with multiple reels and each reel has multiple designs. You wait for the reels to spin and then stop to see the results. The winning lines are shown in zig-zag pattern. Even a child can play this game. You can use your keyboard and mouse for controlling the game.

Mobile gambling

If you are a big fan of casino games then you will be delighted to know that playing slots is more enjoyable on mobiles. You can have the same thrill and enjoyment on mobile and also you don’t have to pay any extra amount for gambling on mobile.  Malaysia online casino sign up bonus

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Let’s play TOTO believing on luck

Lottery is also gambling but it is more a game of chance and luck instead of calculations. In Malaysia, TOTO is a popular weekly lotter. According to a recent survey, more than 50% gamblers play lottery in Malaysia. TOTO makes an interesting number game as you only need choosing your lucky number for betting and here you choose six numbers from 1 to 49.

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Result is declared every Monday and Thursday at 06:30 PM. Six winning numbers are chosen and declared. Players can see the results live on their computers and feel happy, if they win. TOTO bet can be divided into four betting types.

·         QuickPick: Computer selects 6 numbers from 1 to 49 for gamblers
·         Ordinary Bet: Buyers select 6 numbers from 1 to 49
·         System Bet: Gamblers choose 7 winning numbers from 1 to 49
·         System Roll: Buyers select 5 lucky numbers from 1 to 49 and the 6th number is guaranteed winning figure

Jackpot: Lucky are those that get jackpot that is all 6 numbers figuring in result. The winning amount in jackpot is exciting 38% of the pooled money but the winning probability of jackpot is 1 in 14 million. Second best winning price in TOTO Malaysia live is 8% of the pool money and it goes to 5 lucky numbers and the additional winning number. Five winning numbers get third price that is 5.5% of the pool money. A total of 7 prices are declared.

How to play TOTO?

You need buying lottery from authorized online lottery websites. You can see the results on the site from where you buy the ticket. Here you need following your heart and not mind.It isn’t possible to calculate winning numbers. Whether you buy numbers selected by computer or choose numbers on your own, you have to rely 100% on your luck.

There is no way the lottery system can be manipulated as transparency is maintained in the process. Right from buying tickets to choosing winners, gamblers can keep a close eye on each step. If anyone offers winning combination at high price, you should immediately step back as no one has a say in choosing the winners. 

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Thrill of lottery

Feel lucky is the only thrill of this lottery. If you win, you will feel lucky as you know that you win only because of luck. You only selected numbers and those numbers proved to be your lucky numbers. 

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Precautions to be taken with live gambling

Casino games enthusiasts turn to online gambling hoping real like experience and more games to choose from but little do they know that there most websites use software and artificial intelligence for gambling. Only a handful of sites provide live gambling. If you want to enjoy real like pleasure in gambling then you should play live.

What is live gambling?

It is gambling in real time but you will play from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. You can even enjoy live gambling while on the go or while relaxing at your hotel room. You won’t access the casino physically but you will be very much present in the facility. You will play from your home but your dealer will be in the facility and the casino could be at a distance from your home.

Technology used for live gaming

The latest IT technology is used for gambling live. Casinos have cameras that cover the game rooms from different angles. The cameras are connected to the web where the casinos connect with their potential clients. As an online player, you need sitting before your computer and start the camera. You can play live casino games Malaysia with the help of latest IT and communication technology.

Casinos invest a huge amount on technology

Technology needed for live gambling is expensive and for this reason only a handful of traditional casinos are able to provide live gambling facility. They need high-tech cameras and a strong IT team to connect their casinos to servers and to the web. Also you get limited options in live gambling. But you get real like thrill and pleasure. 

Recognize live gambling facility

Chat with dealer: Since you are playing live, you will have a dealer to deal you cards. Try communicating with the dealer. The person would answer to your chats only when he is live otherwise you will get a FAQ page to search answer to your query. Some websites present their games in such a manner that they look real. But in reality they use software for gambling.

When gambling live, you can see your counterparts and also others can see your face and facial expressions but you can hide your face. Live gambling with real money gives real pleasure that you can get only in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. But technology has made it possible for players to enjoy gambling live from the comfort of their homes. Casino online mobile malaysia

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Friday, 20 October 2017

How a live gambling website different from gaming sites?

A brick and mortar gambling facility is a world different from world we live in. Inside a casino, you have money everywhere and everyone is busy collecting money. On entering a gambling facility, you forget everything as you think only about winning and making profit. Would you get the similar experience on visiting a gambling website? Malaysia online casino free bonus

When you enter a gaming website, you are served content and asked to click on links to inner pages. The site has a FAQ that gives answer to questions in your mind and also you can access customer care helpdesk to know more about the website. The site offers all the games you can find in a traditional gambling facility but it lacks the feel that a real casino could give.

Live gambling through website

Some websites offer live gambling service that is gaming in a real casino. You enter into the facility through your PC and play with real money. Everything from games to dealers is real and fully functional. You can see others and so can others see you. The website gives real like thrill and experience and for this reason it is equal to gambling in a traditional facility.

When you visit an online live casino Malaysia, you should be very careful as live gambling is different from website gaming. In live gambling, you are taken to a real gaming facility through webcam and you feel as if you are in a real facility. You can go to any table and also talk to any dealer.

Characteristics of live gambling websites

Limited number of games available: While a gaming website can offer unlimited games, a live gambling site offers a limited number of games. It is so because the casinos that offer live gambling have to make arrangements for live telecast of games. They have to invest in high tech cameras and employ trained IT professionals to telecast the games live.

Providing live gambling service is an expensive affair and for this reason; only a limited number of casinos are able to provide an online window to their facilities.Before you make an opinion on a gambling website, you should see what it is offering and how will you gamble online. If you are gambling live then you will deal with a dealer and also you can see others rejoicing on winning games. But the good thing is that you can hide your profile from others.  

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

What precautions you need taking with online casinos?

Gambling is recreation and online gambling is unlimited fun and entertainment. It is maximum return on investment. You play online and save your time and money. With time, more and more casino enthusiasts are turning to online gambling. But they need to be careful while joining online casinos. malaysia live casino games.

Join an online gambling platform

Before you join a website, you should know what the site is about. There are many websites that offer games but most sites use software. When you play poker, you play with the casino and not with fellow gamblers. But a website uses software for gambling. You will feel as if you are gambling in real but in reality, you will play with software. Do you know that gambling software can be manipulated to get advantage? Malaysian online casino

Live casino

It is real but available online. It is like accessing a brick and mortar facility from the comfort of your living room and start playing according to your convenience. You have a dealer to deal you cards and also you see players enjoying the games. It is full entertainment on the screen. Physically, you are at your home but mentally, you are in new ton casino where there are plenty of games available.


New gamers often get distracted by lucrative bonus offers made by gambling websites. Actually these sites want to make as many members as they canand to increase number of loyal members, they make lucrative offers. They offer free money that is hard to resist. When you are offered free money for gambling, you would feel the push to open your gambling account with that website and enjoy gaming. 

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Nothing is offered for free

Every gambling website including the live sites gives free money but in reality there is nothing free. You will have to pay a price for free gambling and the price is wagering requirement. When you withdraw your winnings with bonus money, you will be asked to fulfill a difficult requirement like playing for a certain time and spending a certain amount on games.

If you aren’t aware about the wagering requirements or you take the requirements lightly, your negligence in choosing a casino could cost you dearly. You will not only lose your gambling money but the winnings as well. Before you choose a gambling website and open your account with it, you should do a thorough background check on the site. 

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

How to take advantage of casino bonus?

Online casino industry moves on bonus. What the industry players do is they make the game more interesting by adding free money to the game. What they do is they provide free money to players. They claim to provide free money for gambling but there is nothing available for free
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The game of free gambling

If you are offered free money without any financial responsibility, you will certainly want to try your luck. The casino would want you to keep playing with free money but there is a hidden side of free money and it is wagering requirement. When you sign up for free bonus, you should check the wagering requirements that you need fulfilling before you are allowed to draw your winnings. online casino malaysia welcome bonus no deposit

Why wagering requirements?

When a casino gives free money, it shares its profit with its members. But it is a business entity and like other businesses, it also wants to make profit. How would a casino make profit, if it is allowing its members to play with free money, win games and withdraw their winnings?With wagering requirements, casinos make sure that they earn profit. They ask the players to either play for a certain time or spend a certain amount before claiming their Malaysia online casino sign up bonus.

Transferring winning is like claiming the bonus. You win with free money and then want to transfer your winnings. It is like claiming bonus but you are asked to fulfill a wagering requirement before you are allowed to transfer your winnings. If you aren’t aware about the conditions then you will be surprised to know about the conditions.  toto malaysia live

How to take precautions with wagering requirements?

The only way you can remain cautious about the wagering requirements is to go through the requirements before signing up with a casino. Prior information about these conditions is the only way of taking care of the conditions. If you are getting a huge amount in bonus, you should be ready for strict conditions. But if the bonus offered is reasonable, the wagering condition would be easy-to-meet.

Should gamblers forget about bonus money?

It seems that bonus is more a trap than a facility. People sign up with online casinos for free money but finally they are trapped in a legal net where they are asked to fulfill difficult requirements to take advantage of the bonus money. Take care before you sign up for free bonus money.
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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Why lottery is more popular in gambling?

Lottery is gambling and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is more entertaining than traditional gambling. If simplified, lottery becomes a government authorized gambling platform. Its advantage is that it can’t be manipulated. Here you need depending on your luck. If luck favors, your number could become winning number. Alsothere are consolation prices for runner-ups.  online casino slots malaysia.

Multiple results

In casino games, there is only one winner but in lottery, there are multiple winners. You have the opportunity to get the first price or second or you can feel satisfied at third price. And if you don’t have any price then you can get a consolation price. Another advantage of lottery is that it needs little investment. You won’t have to make a huge investment on buying a ticket. Also you can easily buy a ticket online. live game casino malaysia.

How to see results?

Find a casino where you can buy a lottery ticket and also see its results. The website would provide complete information regarding the lottery. You can check the past winning numbers and also you can see the numbers that can be number one. If you have a specific number in your mind, you can choose that number for lottery.

Should I play lottery?

You will be surprised to know thatmost gamblers start gambling with lottery and they start winning with live 4d results. Your first win would be a lottery. After winning your first bet that is a lottery, you can move ahead to win casino games like poker and blackjack. But you will also like playing lottery. You can’t prevent yourself from buying ticket and waiting for the results. It is the most interested form of gambling.

A reason for playing lottery

Here you need not making any calculations. You only need buying a ticket and waiting for the result to come. You can chose any number from your birthday to your first car and from your mobile number to your residential address. It could be any number but never worry if you don’t win as you can try next time.

In lottery, there is no end to gambling and winning. It is continuous game that can play every day. In four digit lottery, results are declared three days a week. Here you play with your luck and with any player or website. You know that you are playing with none and that you have full opportunity to win. best malaysia online casino

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