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Why 4D lottery is more popular than online slots?

Perhaps 4-D lottery is the most convenient way of gambling and also here you have an opportunity to feel lucky. In four digits, you choose your lucky numbers to make your digit and wait for the results.This lottery is easier to play as it can be played online with a casino account.
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Types of 4D lottery

In Malaysia, there are three major 4D lottery players – Magnum 4D, Sports Toto and Da Ma Cai. These are independent companies and they are known as Number Forecast Operators. Lottery draws on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and sometimes a special draw is held on Tuesday.

Magnum 4D Lottery has 10 consolation prizes in addition to first, second and third winner. Also it is the first licensed lottery operator in Malaysia. Recently Magnum started a new game that is an extension of its 4D lottery and the new game instantly became a hit among the gamblers.

Sports Toto offers 4D, 5D and 6D games. The 4D game is like Magnum’s but 5D and 6D are different as they don’t have “Big” and “Small” forecasts. It also has three lottery games on the lines of Western countries.

Da Ma Cai is a Pan-Malaysia Lottery company with a 3D game in addition to the rewgular 4D lottery. But its prices are significantly lower in comparison to the Magnum that is a bigger player. Players buy tickets from online casinos and get live 4d results Malaysia on their casinos. Results are declared as scheduled.

How to play 4D lottery?

Interested in playing the lottery, people clicks many websites to find information about how to bet on the 4D system. They visit casinos where they are offered bonus amount for gambling. But an online casino is a bigger facility where you can enjoy more games in addition to the lottery. Also the online casino Malaysia wechat option gives the feel of gambling in a traditional facility.

Minimum amount needed for playing lottery is $1 but the gains are much bigger than the investment. Similarly, other casino games can be played with minimum investment. As a member of a gambling facility, you are free to explore more games and also you will have free money to try new games. You ca try your hands on poker, roulette and blackjack. Also you can enjoy online slots that have more pay lines. You will be delighted to know that online casinos keep refreshing their games from time to time. 
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