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How to choose the best online live casino Malaysia?

It is technology that made online live casino Malaysia a reality. Live gaming is real time gaming; it gives real like pleasure and for this reason, it is more popular than website gaming. Biggest advantage of live gambling is that it provides comfort and convenience. Also some live casinos give more pay benefits.
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Herewe’ll discuss components of live gambling

Cameras: Streaming of games is possible only with cameras and needless to say that live facilities use the best digital eyes for catching the action. Small digital eyes are easy to install and also they give better views. A roulette table is shown from three cameras. First camera captures the overview; second camera shows table and the wheel and the third one gives picture-in-picture display.

Game control unit: It is called GCU and it is a very important component of live gambling industry. It is a small device of the size of a shoebox but it takes big responsibility that is to encode the videos. GCU assists the dealer in managing the game. You can say that it isn’t possible to run game without this device.

Wheel: It isn’t a regular wheel but an amazing technology. Wheel that casinos use have built-in sensors and software interfaces with them. But not all facilities use these wheels.
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Optical camera recognition technology: The OCR technology records every small detail of all the actions and activities happening in the gaming room and then streamed to players through a video link. Gamblers place their bets via consoles on their computer screens. For assistance, they can access human dealers.

Advantage of OCR is that it can easily transform every action into a piece of meaningful data that is transmitted to players. No action, however small it is, could remain out of the reach of OCR technology. It is able to capture every action including spinning of the wheel, shuffling of cards and distribution of hands is clearly visible on online live casino Malaysia.


It is a large screen and it shows what you are seeing on your computer screen. In other words, the dealer will see you gambling. But if you don’t want others to see you then you should sit in a position where you remain invisible for others. Digital cameras have blind spots that gamblers can capture while enjoying games.

Presence of a monitor is necessary as it establishes a direct connection between players and dealer. Monitor helps dealer take necessary action like which bets to encourage and which one to close. Also the players can communicate through dealer on monitor. Dealer can see who are playing online and what bets they are placing. In other words, monitor becomes casino for online dealers.

Technological advancement helps human dealers provide better service. Meet the key casino person:


Cameras give clear views of the tables and games but it is a dealer that gives real like feel. As a player, you won’t feel even the slightest difference between gambling online and playing in a traditional casino. And only an experienced person is made dealer of casino. Players communicate with the dealer through live chatting.

Most online casinos hire smart girls as dealers. The dealer has full knowledge on rules and regulations and also the person is always ready to clear doubts of gamblers. You can say that it is the dealer that makes gambling live.

When you visit an online live casino Malaysia, you should keep these factors in mind. You should know how an online casino provides live gaming and also who the key person is. Once you have full knowledge on online casino games, you can easily find a reliable casino and enjoy gambling to the full.
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