Monday, 24 April 2017

10 tips for beginners in online casino games

If you want to become an expert gambler even before you open your first gambling account with a live casino Malaysia then check out our tips for beginners. Learn which casino to skip; which game you can win; how to become an esteemed customer and how to make most of your time and money.
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1. Dodge Shady Sites

Always play at a legit and trusted casino.You’ll be offered big bonus amount and promised real help but winning big is great only when you’re allowed to withdraw your winnings for enjoyment. If you look at terms and conditions of the casinos, you’ll come to know you can’t lay your hands at your winnings without fulfilling those conditions.

2. Learn the game

Today it is easy to learn casino games on YouTube and WikiHow but it is better you dig deeper to know more about how to swing odds in your favor. You’ll learn many success stories of people becoming millionaire overnight in casino games but you shouldn’t become overconfident as it is very difficult to win against a casino.For more information please  casino Malaysia free bonus

3. Free stuff for loyalists

Gamble regularly to become a loyalist of your casino. Look for freebies and other benefits available for VIP gamblers and try winning the stuff. Casinos offer cashback, golfing vacations, electronics items and other gifts to loyal customers.

4. Spend less to play more

Try remaining in the game for as much time as possible. If you’re in the game, you’ve the opportunity to win but if you quit after losing your money then you would have to regret losing the game. If you have $50 to play then you should make small spins of $1 instead of $10. In this way, you can your chances of winning.

5. Let science to its work

It is random number generator that selects numbers in a live casino Malaysia. This way, casinos make sure that every time numbers are completely generated by chance and not trick. You need not becoming superstitious about numbers as it is science that is generating numbers. Just sit-down and enjoy the number game and the money that comes with the game.

6. Make your rules for playing casino games

Paly regularly to earn reward points and free stuff but don’t play when you aren’t in the mod to play. Follow your heart, while playing casino games. In this way, you can take break from the game and play only when you can concentrate on the game. For more information please Slot Machine Online Malaysia.

7. Avoid tricky surprises and nasty bonus

Bonus is free money and it works like bait for gamblers. And it is learnt that most beginners don’t look at bonus terms. You’ll feel happy to get 100% bonus but little do you know that there is nothing available for free and that you’ll have to pay for every penny you get from casino.

8. Drinking alcoholic beverages guarantees a loss

Alcohol and gambling is deadly combination. If you win and you are drunk, you’ll go on playing until you rob the casino or you’re robbed by the dealer. Alcohol can inhibit your power to reason and make quick decisions. Drinking and gambling is as harmful as drinking and driving.

9. Look for mobile gaming options

Once you become a casino enthusiast, you’ll want to enjoy your favorite casino games while on the go. If your casino has mobile gambling facility then it will be a bonus point for you. You can enjoy gambling on mobile, whenever you’re in mood to gamble.

10. Stick to your games

It is difficult to master all the casino games but you can certainly develop your gambling skills for some games. Enjoy gambling in a live casino Malaysia relying on your skills and not on chance or luck. For more information please Live Casino Online Malaysia.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

5 factors to find the best casino Malaysia

Online gambling is on the rise in every part of the world and the credit to the popularity of casino gaming goes to the technology that has brought the real like feel; experience; thrill and excitement of the traditional gambling to the computers. Today a casino Malaysia looks and feels more real than a traditional brick-and-mortar facility.
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Today, you no longer finding time to drive down to the nearest casino that could be a couple of miles away from your home and buying credit to gamble as you can easily open your gambling account with an online facility and enjoy gambling within the confines of your home. And you can easily find a reliable gambling site by reviewing its online reputation and other factors like aesthetics and browsing support.

Online reputation

It is the first factor to consider. When you visit a gambling site, you should ask some questions like:

·         What is the age of the website?
·         Is it associated with a conventional casino?
·         Who’s the owner of this site?

Usually the most reputed gambling sites are owned, operated and managed by the companies that are already in the casino business since a long time. But some sites are independent and they’ve no business association with any traditional gambling company. You should check online reputation of gambling sites on social media and also on user reviews.

2. Variation of games

Once you’ve the list of reputable online casinos, you can further filter your search by ticking off the sites that have lesser options. There are hundreds of games including cards and dice. Also there are slot machines that further categorized into a variety of games like Hulk, Beach, Deal or No Deal and Iron Man 2. The more the choice, the more you enjoy. The casino Malaysia that offers more options is a better choice but there are more factors to consider before you become its member.

3. Payouts

Just like there are different games, there are different payouts. The casinos can be categorized according to their payouts. Some sites are known for paying huge rewards while others cut corners when it comes to rewarding gamblers. It is so because gamblers play against casinos and when they win, the sites that are business establishments look for excuses to reduce their losses. But not all sites are alike as some websites are quick at giving reward points, loyalty bonus and free stuff like golfing vacations. 

4. Aesthetics

It is an important consideration. If you don’t get real like feel from the website, you won’t be able to enjoy gambling online. Also the online casinos that are serious about business and that want to expand base and retain customers will keep their look and feel real so that they can give real like experience to the gamblers. Another important aspect of aesthetics is functionality of the site. If you want to get real like pleasure then you should join a live gambling facility that takes you to a traditional studio where you’ve a dealer to cater to your needs.
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5. Browser support

Since you’re gambling online, you need downloading specific software on your computer and the type and kind of software is very critical for your game. The casino Malaysia software should support the browser you’re using.For playing specific games like video poker, you need downloading software and how much the casino supports depends whether you’ll be able to enjoy that game or not. Usually online gambling facilities suggest browsers for their software.

Keep these factors in mind when looking for the best gambling facility where you can enjoy your favorite casino games in a hassle free manner. For more information please Online Gamble Malaysia.

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Friday, 21 April 2017

Are live online casinos frauds? Try finding the answer

Reliability of online casinos is always a major concern for players. When you choose a Malaysia live online casino to play poker, you expect fair play by the website but first of all, you will want to trust the establishment. You know that online gambling is a business and like other businesses, it is also run with a sole aim of making profit. For more information please toto 4d live.

A bitter fact about casino business

Games are set up to win and not to lose. The more the gamblers lose, the more the casinos earn. But the game must be fair and the players must be provided an opportunity to use their knowledge and skills. If you’re playing poker or blackjack, you should be able to employ all your methods and skills before you lose the game. You won’t regret losing, if the game is fair.

Is online gambling rigged?

You won’t deny the fact that the casino has always advantage of the house. It has an edge over others but rigging is a different thing. Rigging is fraud in gambling and it isn’t accepted. There are many online casinos and luckily most of the casinos practice fair gambling but some websites try taking unnecessary advantage of their position. They take help of technology to beat the players. For more information please malaysian online casino.

While the gamblers would accept house advantage to casinos, they won’t accept rigging of games. And there are many documented evidences that show that casinos rig games to earn quick money. In 2013, Real Deal and Hi/Lo Gambler were found guilty of deceiving gamblers of their hard earned money. They offered 100% payout to winners but in reality the payout was only 96%. There are many examples that show frauds by casinos. The situation demands that you take precautions before opening your account with a Malaysia live online casino.

Ensure secure and fair gambling online

When looking for an online casino, you should keep security features in mind. An online casino is a website and like other site, it also has some features that ensure safety and privacy of visitors. Every casino should publish its security features on its site and instead of making the visitors scroll up and down for security features, they should be made visible for the visitors.

Another way to ensure reliability of an online casino is to check its online reputation. And social media is the right place to clear doubts over any business or casino dealer. You can find casino enthusiasts on social media and you can ask them questions regarding their casino experience with websites.
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Be straightforward in your approach

As a gambler, you’re a customer for the online casino where you play games. If you have any queries about any game or policy, you should directly mail to the casino manager to get clarification. There shouldn’t be any doubt and if there’s then you should first clear the doubt. A fraud casino will rob of your money and if you’ve opened a gambling account with a fraud website then it is better to close your account instead of losing money on the rigged games.

Keep a tab over your spending

Casinos get an opportunity to manipulate games only when the players are in overspending mode. If you are playing without thinking then you’re in the hands of casino and that the website will soon drain all your savings into its corporate account. Casino games are for enjoyment and not for earning money. It is better to be slow with your game and quit the Malaysia live online casino, when you aren’t in the mood to play. These small precautionary measures can help you play safe. For more information please toto malaysia result.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Online casino guide for beginners

A trip to Las Vegas is dream of every casino enthusiast but today you can enjoy Vegas like gambling experience on the web on your computer. Play live online casino games on your computer and experience Vegas like gambling within the confines of your home. For more information please online gambling casino malaysia.

So, are you ready to jump into the fray and become a millionaire gambler? But before you start gambling online, you should know your limits and also you should make a strategy to play safe. Remember, gambling is high risk business but you can make it entertaining, if you’re able to take advantage of the offers.

Get started with a free account

No need to opening your gambling account with your money when you’ve the opportunity to play safe with free money. Every casino offer free money called bonus amount and you’ll be surprised to know that the bonus could be up to 100% of the account opening money. Advantage of free money is that it gives more playing time and also you can try a new game with bonus money.
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Check out Terms & Conditions of casino

You need opening a gambling account with an online casino but wait before you open your account. There are many factors to consider before you make an opinion on an online gambling facility. Like traditional brick-and-mortar gambling studios, online casinos also have some terms and conditions for players. You should know how old the casino is and what its rules are. You should know all the conditions set for gamblers before opening your account.

Check the gambling options provided

You’ll enjoy gambling only when you’ve many options. You should get a good range of table and slot games. A casino is known by the games it offers and you should make an opinion on a casino only after checking the live online casino games available for gamblers. If you’re satisfied with the terms and conditions of casino and also you all the interest games in the website then you should get ready to enter into the colorful world of online gambling.

Prepare your mind gambling

Gambling is habit forming. You should know that casino games could be habit forming and you could develop habit of playing those games every now and then. If it happens then you would all your savings in gambling.

Know your limits

Determine your gambling limit so that you don’t overspend on games. You should spend a certain amount on games and quit as soon as you cross the limit. You shouldn’t play even when you’re winning. In this way, you can avoid getting into habit of gambling.

Be polite while dealing with dealer

If you’re playing live, you’ll have a dealer that will take care of your needs. And you can talk to the dealer through chatting software. But you should know how to discuss your needs with an online dealer. Also it is better to be straightforward when you’re risking your money. Never play the game that is new to you.

You won’t win all the time

The world of gambling isn’t all white and blue. It is slippery and here you can lose all your savings and earnings, if you aren’t careful. If you think that you’ll be a winner all the time then you’re wrong. It is a game and like other games it is also uncertain. Never mind, if you lose a game as you can win the other game.Preparation is needed for playing live online casino games. The first thing is to find a reliable casino and the second thing is to get ready for gambling.
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Saturday, 15 April 2017

How to choose the best online live casino Malaysia?

It is technology that made online live casino Malaysia a reality. Live gaming is real time gaming; it gives real like pleasure and for this reason, it is more popular than website gaming. Biggest advantage of live gambling is that it provides comfort and convenience. Also some live casinos give more pay benefits.
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Herewe’ll discuss components of live gambling

Cameras: Streaming of games is possible only with cameras and needless to say that live facilities use the best digital eyes for catching the action. Small digital eyes are easy to install and also they give better views. A roulette table is shown from three cameras. First camera captures the overview; second camera shows table and the wheel and the third one gives picture-in-picture display.

Game control unit: It is called GCU and it is a very important component of live gambling industry. It is a small device of the size of a shoebox but it takes big responsibility that is to encode the videos. GCU assists the dealer in managing the game. You can say that it isn’t possible to run game without this device.

Wheel: It isn’t a regular wheel but an amazing technology. Wheel that casinos use have built-in sensors and software interfaces with them. But not all facilities use these wheels.
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Optical camera recognition technology: The OCR technology records every small detail of all the actions and activities happening in the gaming room and then streamed to players through a video link. Gamblers place their bets via consoles on their computer screens. For assistance, they can access human dealers.

Advantage of OCR is that it can easily transform every action into a piece of meaningful data that is transmitted to players. No action, however small it is, could remain out of the reach of OCR technology. It is able to capture every action including spinning of the wheel, shuffling of cards and distribution of hands is clearly visible on online live casino Malaysia.


It is a large screen and it shows what you are seeing on your computer screen. In other words, the dealer will see you gambling. But if you don’t want others to see you then you should sit in a position where you remain invisible for others. Digital cameras have blind spots that gamblers can capture while enjoying games.

Presence of a monitor is necessary as it establishes a direct connection between players and dealer. Monitor helps dealer take necessary action like which bets to encourage and which one to close. Also the players can communicate through dealer on monitor. Dealer can see who are playing online and what bets they are placing. In other words, monitor becomes casino for online dealers.

Technological advancement helps human dealers provide better service. Meet the key casino person:


Cameras give clear views of the tables and games but it is a dealer that gives real like feel. As a player, you won’t feel even the slightest difference between gambling online and playing in a traditional casino. And only an experienced person is made dealer of casino. Players communicate with the dealer through live chatting.

Most online casinos hire smart girls as dealers. The dealer has full knowledge on rules and regulations and also the person is always ready to clear doubts of gamblers. You can say that it is the dealer that makes gambling live.

When you visit an online live casino Malaysia, you should keep these factors in mind. You should know how an online casino provides live gaming and also who the key person is. Once you have full knowledge on online casino games, you can easily find a reliable casino and enjoy gambling to the full.
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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Tips for finding a honest online casino and precautions to be taken while gambling online

The biggest factor to consider when looking for an online Casino Malaysia is its online reputation.There are hundreds of gambling websites competing with each other to get attention of gamblers. They use flashy ads and make vague promises that are simply unbelievable. If you do Google search, you’ll understand what I mean.
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But there is a silver lining in the dark clouds of dishonesty. Luckily serious casinos understand value of honesty and transparency for online gambling business. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the factors that could provide real help in locating a casino that practices honesty in business and also scores high on reliability factor.

Name recognition – Is the website a well-known brand in casino industry?

Name is the first thing you should look into the website. Every gambling site has a name that it uses as its brand name. If it is a new company then you should thoroughly investigate the site before making any opinion on it. Big brands in casino industry won’t make foolish mistakes like using ambiguous languages and hiding information.

Age of the website –For how long the website is in the industry?

It is difficult to believe on a website that has just come into being as it has yet to establish its credibility. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t rely on new websites. If you find a new casino reliable, you can rely on it and open your gambling account with it. But ideally you should trust only on experienced sites.
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There are casinos that are serving needs of gamblers since a long time that could be a decade. But five years are sufficient for a casino to prove its worth and capacity to withstand competition. It is difficult for casinos to give bonus until they make profit and an online casino Malaysia that is working since five years shows that it is making profit hence reliable.

Industry certifications – What certifications the casino has?

After proving their reliability, casinos must get certificates from independent authorities like Kahnawake Gaming Commission. It certifies casinos that meet certain guidelines made to determine honesty and fairness in gambling. Similarly there is eCOGRA that gives certification to casinos that practice fair gaming; score high on protection of players and follow responsible operator conduct.

Avoid mistakes while making a choice

Sign up bonus – How much bonus the casino is offering?

Never open your account hoping to get highest bonus until you know how you can claim the bonus. There could be difficult conditions spending a huge sum on other games before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings.

New games – Is the casino offering new games?

A new game could be a trap. You should play the games you are experienced in and if you want to try a new game then you should use the bonus amount for a new game. If you lose the game, you won’t lose your money.

Wagering large amount – How much are you investing on games?

It is learnt that winners become enthusiasts and start investing large sums on games. They expect huge returns but most of the times, they lose all their money. You should go slow and keep a tab over your spending.


To become a reliable online casino Malaysia, the casino owner has to work hard day and night. After working for five years, the website should try getting certifications that prove its honesty, credibility and determination for fair play. Just like you take care before entering into a physical casino, you need to be extra cautious while opening your gambling account with an online casino.       For more information please real casino online malaysia.

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